Team Alfa Thirty-Ninth Session

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1 New Year's Festival

Further discussion leads to the group changing their minds and heading upriver along the Fahstream River to Monster Town instead.

  • 1st day: they run into a patrol of goblins, hobgoblins, and worg-riding orcs.
    • While not exactly friendly they are not overtly hostile and explain they are on patrol against gnoll raiders who cross the river regularly. They warn the party against making trouble, but say as long as they pay the entrance fee they will be allowed in when the reach the city.
    • The explain the gnoll raiding parties regularly cross the 2 large ancient dwarven-crafted bridges that remain across the Grenrhusk River, one to the north and one to the south of the trading outpost they just left. Monster Town patrols have destroyed every other weaker bridge across the spans between Fresian and Gildenhome controlled territory.

  • 2nd day: they hear a baby crying. They spot a small basket under a tree on the opposite side of the river. Owlbert flies over and lands on the basket and pulls back the blanket covering it causing the baby illusion to end. Owlbert struggles but manages to lift the basket and fly it across the river.
    • There is no immediate attack, but while Sid looks around with see invisibility he feels the attack of a powerful phantasmal killer spell but manages to pass his save.
    • The party then flees rather than wait for further attack. While the party keeps watch the rest of the day no further attacks occur.

  • 3rd day: the party sees a small halfling barge and exchanges quick waves and pleasantries but does not try to stop them for further conversation.
    • Overnight on the 3rd night while Thola keeps watch a small group of lizardfolk approach the camp. They want to buy the toads, but Thola lets them know they are not for sale.

  • 4th day: the party runs into the same patrol from the first day. They have lost a few members after fighting 3 hags. They managed to slay 1 hag at the expense of 1/3 of the patrol and now are heading back to the trading post for reinforcements and to post reports back to the city. Thola and Wolf offer to help the patrol go back and kill the remaining 2 hags, but the patrol sergeant has no desire to engage with the hags any further. The groups wish each other well and head their separate ways.
    • Later that evening Owlbert gives a warning that a band of gnolls are ahead on a bluff waiting in ambush.
      • They turn out to be a lot of longbow gnolls with a couple fasting running melee types, a big fiendish biting one, and an even larger one that appears to be in charge. Battle ensues. Session ends with several dead gnolls, but most still unharmed, Wolf (on foot after Spruce took enough damage to poof away) and Feyderick on the top of the cliff fighting, Sid and Thola in the trees by the river shooting back, and Gorra barely conscious and prone before the remaining Flesh Gnawer.


a musty smelling basket