Team Alfa Thirty-Fifth Session

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31 Wintercusp

1st Week Downtime

  • Sid - find and purchase magic scrolls
    • Results: no complications, scrolls purchased and copied to spellbook
  • Thola - research
    • Results - learn 2 pieces of lore
  • Gorra - religious services
    • Results - After a few days of uneventful prayer leading, you are approached by a young dwarf wearing acolytes robes. He is interested in recruiting you into a plot against the current Hadriarch, a human who is unpopular in the dwarven community.
  • Wolf - pit fighting
    • Results - 2 wins, 100gp

2nd Week Downtime

  • Gorra - carousing
    • Results: dwarves do not like Gorra and harass her with minor spells
  • Wolf - commision tack for frogs, train frogs
    • Results:
  • Sid - try to find buyer for mithril ingots among gnomish crafters
    • Results: a gnome (who appeared to have some sort of illusion spell on) offered to pay 500gp per ingot
  • Thola - research
    • Results: learn 2 pieces of lore. Focuses on the history of Warlocks, the various anti-warlock groups, as well as details about all the demonic possessions of the last generation. Worrying details of the Wytchfinder Family come to light.

3rd Week Downtime

  • Gorra - research mithril forging
    • Results: There are reports that a high ranking noble in the nation of Odessa, Hedrifax Kaine, known as the "Mithril Man of Odessa" is an archmage specalizing in Golems. According to what you've found, he crafted a golem made of mithril and put his own soul into it. He yet lives. He is a member of the College of Wizards in the Odessan University and a high ranking advisor to the crown.
  • Wolf - train frogs
    • Results:
  • Sid - pit fighting
    • Results: 1 win, 2 loses results in 50gp
  • Thola - gambling
    • Results: wins 111gp

4th Week

While dining the illusioned gnome who Gorra and Sid met in Southwatch joins them at the table. It is clear he has been casing the party for several weeks and is only now revealing himself. After brief banter, Thola casts dispel magic to attempt to remove his illusion, the gnome counterspells and Thola counterspells his counterspell removing his illusion. He is revealed to be very different than the one sitting here a moment before. His skin is grey and waxy, his hair long and black, pulled up into a bun. He has no beard or other facial hair and looks at you with inky black eyes. Sid can identify him as another Breaker Gnome. He does not seem overly concerned with being revealed and proceeds to offer to buy their mithril for 750gp per ingot. He leaves the group after making the offer, dropping a small object in Sid's drink. It is actually several objects: five small shards of blackened, twisted, and ruined metal that - once upon a time - might have fit together in a small, delicate sculpture. Further examination hints that this metal "was once" mithril, but is no longer. The arcane minded in the group quickly realize that no external magical force like elemental, force, or radiant damage could cause this effect, and the two most likely explanations are (a) it was exhausted as part of a magical ritual or else (b) it was exhausted by being used as a vector for a one-off magical item.

  • Gorra - rest relaxation
  • Wolf - train frogs
  • Sid - pit fighting
    • Results: 2 wins, 1 loss, 100gp. Sid is banned from further fights due to accusations of magical cheating
  • Thola - gambling
    • Results: loses half of stake

At the end of the week the gnome (this time disguised as a halfling) meets the party again. On a whim Sid tries to talk him up to 1000 gp / ingot, the gnome counters with 850 with a minimum sale of at least 2. Sid takes him up on his offer and sells his 2 ingots for 170 platinum pieces (freshly minted and stamped with the face of Kleptinax, high exchequer of Gildenhome).

5th Week

  • Gorra - assist in frog training
  • Wolf - train frogs
  • Sid - scroll purchasing and copying to spellbook
  • Thola - research (spending 50gp)


  • Blacken and broken metal shards that once might have been a small sculpture. It appears that the parts once joined together, but whatever the sculpture once was is now beyond recognition without magical assistance beyond your ability to use. (Legend Lore spell required)