Team Alfa Sixty-Eigth Session

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  • Wolf sings the song of the Worgs.
    • The People are not receptive.
  • Sid scribes scrolls after not convincing Gruul to let him search the magic item inventories.
  • sendings to peeps
    • halflings: The halfings respond to the question about Doggtown: Gnolls do not trade and are, in fact, quite a bother to all of their neighbors. They raid caravans and settlements and take captives back to Doggtown where they force them to work doing the things gnolls can't or wont.
    • giants: The giants of the Mountains have established themselves. They have clashed once with the gnolls, which have not bothered them again. A second group from the north face of the mountains -- Orcs mostly -- have started to move in and settle the area, clashing more frequently with the giants of New Mountain.
  • divination gives us at least another week before the city is destroyed

the meeting

  • thola makes the pitch
Dogtown is the only option! Any other walled city nearby is either heavily guarded and fortified, or too small to hold us. 
The Gnolls have been pillaging the area for years, accruing riches at the cost of everyone else.
We, The heroes of monstertown, have a TRACK RECORD of beating these guys at their own game! We took out their Flynd general and his army, in a glorious battle!
We can also lean on friends in the area for help! The Giants we relocated have already committed to helping (great deception roll)
  • Queen is receptive, likes the idea of wealth
  • gruul has questions about the other Orcs
  • hobcom asks about wargs as allies
  • Council agrees to go, will discuss Warg council membership next session

post-meeting chats

  • old master
    • The pastor is going to be a whole thing, you guys. I'm gonna remind the council, you better have a plan to deal with him
    • the old master expects the plan to go poorly and for many or most to die but is resigned to that outcome and accepts that even if that happens the Order of the Red Door has already spread beyond their enclave in Monster Town
  • gruul
    • i'm not gonna make it to dogtown. This information is sufficiently vague that the Gruul you're talking to is probably not the real gruul but is a simulacrum or something
    • I'm also really worried about who's gonna lead the Orcs when I'm gone
      • Thola rolls really well on a persuasion - How about Wolf? Wolf could lead!
      • General agreement that yes that sounds like a great plan let's do that
    • Gruul agrees to legend lore Dog Town after negotiating a fee of 500 gp which Thola pays.
      • We are to come back in 2 days (31 summercusp) for his report
    • Gruul agrees that scrying the Cenomorphed Pastor should be possible as long as he is on the material plane and that dealing with him as soon as possible is ideal. Gorra will use augery daily to decide when to try.

next time

  • start date is 30 summercusp
  • chat to wargs
  • get report from gruul
  • try to make some of the things we told the council actually exist in reality


  • Old Master's Prayer beads (@ Sid)