Team Alfa Sixteenth Session

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  • Searched Bugbear camp and rested then spent the next day surveying Alda's plot.
  • One of the streams is found to have noticeable flakes of mithril bubbling out of an area. Samples are taken.
  • The group heads back to town that evening and goes immediately to the Inn. On the way to see Alda, FI offers them a new room and makes a new offer for Alda's claim. He offers 8,000 gp for the parcel and 1000 gp to the group if they are able to arrange the deal.
  • Everyone besides Wolf goes up and meets Alda who is not sober but seems happy to see them. The news that the claim appears likely to be productive and that FI is making a larger offer seems to make Alda more angry and determined not to sell her claim to groups she blames for her husband's death.
  • Sid writes up a quick report on their findings and receipt for payment and everyone heads outside where they hear a clanging bell and a loud growing mob.
  • Carried by the movement of the mob the party goes down the street to the Knave of Hearts Saloon where they meet Reth who is trying to get through the crowd. With Wolf creating a path through the mob they are able to make into the saloon where they find Byll dead at a table from a slit throat.
  • Reth goes out to calm the crowd while the others investigate.
  • Thom the bartender is crying and shaken but able to relay that Jak Caller was the killer. He had lost several hands of cards to Byll and left in an angry and drunken state only to come back later and attack Byll from behind, killing him, then fleeing the scene.
  • A very upset Janet and Charlie arrive and Reth is filled in on the details. Reth stays to deal with the crowd while the party heads to the flophouse to try to find Jak. Some possibility of a community bounty is mentioned for finding Jak and bringing him to a hastily voted on court of judgement.
  • They manage to talk their way into the flophouse and quickly look through what remains of Jak's belongings, which appear to have been quickly ransacked and contain no provisions or valuables. They find a used crucible and a broken mold for something long and narrow and about 8-10 inches in length.
  • They also find a crude shrine in the corner. It is a shrine to an incarnation of a member of the fallen Demi-Pantheon: Talos the Fire of Vengance.
  • The gang split up to run a few errands before leaving town to hunt down Jak. Thola gets the mule from stable, Sid sells the herbs to the Doctor, and Wolf obtains his silvered axe from the smith and purchases a saddle and saddle bags.
  • Charlie Otter stops the party and offers one of Byll's magic items to help the party in the hunt for his killer. Their choice of
    • 1.Byll's Fur Cloak [Req Att], Cloak of Protection
    • 2. Byll's Boots [Req Att], Boots of the Winterlands
    • 3. Byll's X-Bow (+1 Hand Crossbow)
  • Wolf takes the cloak and the group heads out.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)

  • 50xp - Found the Silver
  • 50xp - met with Alda
  • 100xp - The Hunt for Jak Caller!


  • Bugbear Looters' Chest: 150 gold coins
  • 1100 cp, 700 sp, 6 pp, 2 x Bloodstone (50 gp), 3 x Chalcedony (50 gp), Quartz (50 gp), 4 x Star rose quartz (50 gp), 3 x Zircon (50 gp), Potion of Greater Healing (uncommon, dmg 187)
  • Reward for surveying Alda's claim: 100 gp
  • Herbs for the doctor: 35 gp