Team Alfa Seventeenth Session

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  • The group rest and meet up with Reth the next morning and head out of town on Jak's trail.
  • Gorra and Reth are able to track Jak for several hours, until the trail suddenly ends in the woods. There is some sign of broken branches but despite spending a while trying to figure out what happened they are unable to find any continuation of the trail and decide to keep heading towards Handlestadt as it seemed his likely destination.
  • Several days go by without incident and no sign of Jak is found, but the party is ambushed by a giant firey worm-like creature (a Remorhaz). It is killed without causing any major damage.
  • Shortly before reaching Handlestadt they stop by Qweego's camp and learn that Jak had been through several days before them and most of the camp enjoyed his company.
  • The party drops Q. off in Humantown to follow up on the letter about her Uncle. She promises to be an ally in Handlestadt but must stay here.
  • A scroll is purchased for future use and Reth seeks out his river halfling cousins to inquire about Jak.
  • Jak is in (rolls die) Gnometown. Everyone decides to move immediately, and come across a handsome and charming Jak playing cards with some gnomes.
  • Wolf goes in to inconspicuously (?!?) play a few hands and manages by luck to not lose too badly.
  • Thola enters surreptitiously, but is still quickly made by Jak. A detect magic ritual indicates one of the people at the table is under a Charm effect.
  • Attempts at an intimating confrontation turn on the party as Jak quickly wins over the crowd wit and charm and he agrees to come willingly with an escort for his own safety
  • Wolf uses Divine Sense to determine that Jak is a fiend, or at least under fiendish control. After an initial urge to just blast Jak with his holy symbol, Wolf realizes that unless Jak is an actual fiend and literally reverts to a demonic form under the Channel Divinity, his motivations will certainly be misconstrued by the crowd and will end badly for everyone.
  • Jak makes the party pay for his passage, as well as that of his safety entourage.
  • Wolf and Reth bond over their teeth grinding habits and the impromptu posse wakes up the gnomish constable previously met and everyone heads to Elysiumtown for a trial.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)

  • 300 xp - Remorhaz ambush
  • 300 xp - Tracking and Interogation of Red Jak Caller