Team Alfa Ninth Session

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Unterirdisch Spielhalle

Thola busts into the VIP room where are found a group of skeletons playing an eternal game. They do not seem to appreciate the interruption. VIProom.PNG

After finally managing to beat the house, the group discovered another mob of skellingtons. Thola started a sphere a'rollin'

Session 9-01.png Retreating, advancing, and dwarfing-it alone occurred

Session 9-02.png

After polishing off the hoi poloi, Wolf wrestled a training sword. Armour was dented. A wand of shield and an adamantine dagger was unvieled.

A statue revealed itself to be a gargoyle. Surprise rounds ensued. Thola booked it. Wolf saved the day. Quynnnnnnn rolled epic fistfuls of surprise attack dice.

Session 09-03.png

Experience & Loot


  • Skeletons and shadow in the VIP room: 70xp
  • Horde of skeletons: 125xp
  • Animated armor and swords: 40xp
  • Emergency drawer found: 25xp
  • Gargoyle: 100xp


  • Wand of Shield (@Thola)
  • Adamantine dagger (@Quynh)