Team Alfa Nineteenth Session

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  • The party finishes purchases and heads out to find Jak Caller
  • They spend 2 uneventful days in the wilderness and come to a Pre-Alexandrian Temple of Reth. (the Demi-Pantheon god of hunting and dancing)
    • By an odd coincidence, the party's tag-along ally is also named Reth. Apparently, Demi-Pantheon names are not uncommon among halfling communities.
  • They barely begin scouting the outer areas when Thola announces that Jak already knows they're there. Jak is apparently speaking to her in her mind which disturbs the others.
  • They make their way to the side of the temple and begin advancing. They hear a sound like ripping fabric but loud as a thunder clap and see "A seven foot tall humanoid with long pointed ears, a strange whispy beard, and a gaunt and skeletal frame appears on top of one of the statues."
  • Jak Caller appears on a large statue in the middle and begins taunting them and tearing more holes in the fabric of reality through which imps appear.
  • The party makes its way up the wall into the temple while Reth and the tall pointed ear creature fight. The creature is unarmed but capable of doing large amounts of damage including some sort of magic psychic damage. It is also capable of some sort of magical defense move that allows it to block attacks that would have caused heavy damage.
    • Sid notices that this magic is not traditional magic. (It's psionic)
  • They advance and Jak continues to yell about powers from beyond and summons more mephits.
    • Fun fact: none of the creatures so far summoned have actually come from Outside the veil.
  • Reth takes some severe hits but they eventually take out 2 of the odd monks.
  • Ranged attacks take out several of the fliers before they can approach melee range, but Jak recalls them beyond field of vision and summons more mud mephits to replace them.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)

  • 320xp - taking out (some of) Jak's summons. 3 imps, 2 dust mephits, 2 Githzerai monks