Team Alfa Forty-Third Session

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8th Heavenfall

  • Visited with the Old Master before leaving town. He requests they examine the battle site near the city where the city's troops appear to have been destroyed by unknown fiery forces.
    • The Master also warns that the Flind leading the gnolls will be a tough opponent whose powers will make the gnolls under his command even more powerful. He also advises trying to avoid letting the Flind hit with any of his attacks
    • Wolf asks for someone to feed the toad while we're out of town. The master says he will assign an acolyte to do so.
  • The party decides to investigate the battle site first as it is closer to town
  • The first day and night pass without incident. We expect it will be a two or three day trip up into the mountains. The battle was several months ago, so it might be difficult to locate.
  • The second day of travel sees the party moving up into the mountains proper. The hills quickly become steep cliffs and our progress is halted as we have to back and double back often in order to find new paths or recover from dead ends. While walking near the end of the day, we hear a rumbling echo in the hills. A rockslide, but the 2 boulders swerve in a controlled manner to attack Gorra and Thola. The boulders then stand up to reveal themselves as Galeb Duhrs, magical elemental beings likely summoned and controlled by a powerful spellcaster. The party defeat the rock creatures but make several very loud explosions doing so.
    • The party decides to camp some distance away where they can watch the site. Overnight familiar watch sees nothing, but examining the area more closely again the next day reveals large heavy boot steps came through overnight. The boot prints seem to indicate a larger and heavier person than even Wolf. They seem to have come from further up the mountain, generally in the direction we are traveling.
  • The next day the party moves slower and stealthier and have no encounters but the slower pace means we do not find the battle site before night falls. No overnight encounters.
  • The party find the site of the battle the next day though very little visible sign of the battle remains. Magical and mundane investigation follows and while most remains have been scavenged and scattered presumably by wild life, the party is able to find a few recognizable items.
    • While continuing the search several of the group begin to feel they are observed. Sid casts see invisibility which reveals a "a hulking figure sitting on a rock, easily a head and a half taller than wolf. It carries a long sword and a short sword on each hip, and wears an intricate steel helmet in the shape of a dragon with an open maw. A large, red tail extrudes from the armor and wraps around the rock on which it sits, observing your party silently." The figure seems intent on Sid particularly, but Sid does not know if that is because they saw the casting of see invis or some other reason. Sid continues to act as though he had not noticed the large creature and alerts the others by message simply that there is an "invisible big guy on the boulder behind me."

11th Heavenfall


Battle ground remains:

    • A longsword blade with no hilt.
    • A small shard of obelaster, too small to have been part of any functional item. Probably some good luck token or fetish. Possibly enchantable.
    • One half of a shield, broken by some slashing attack.
    • A helmet, intact.