Team Alfa Forty-Sixth Session

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23rd Heavenfall 1516

Sid's slapstick stealth mission

The party still wanted more information about the gnoll camp and decide to cast several spells over Sid who engages in a solo infiltration and observation mission. He manages to climb the raised ground to reach the edge of the camp, but some poor sneaking vs the great senses and high speed of some sort of large fiendish ape-like creature led to Sid retreating back into the woods then making his way back to the party camp without being followed but without much information other than rough estimates of the hyena packs and other odd planar creatures like giant mouths with extra arms that chased him. Gorra recognizes those latter monsters as maw demons. The party decides to rest and have Sid infiltrate again except this time do so with the goal of luring any pursuit into an ambush thereby reducing the camps numbers without risking being overrun.


The Card Collector drops in again

Overnight another Tiny Hut is conjured a few feet away. Sid yells at it and curses a lot in gnomish. When the rest of the party arises the hut vanishes revealing a cooked breakfast. They are then visited by the Card Collector who appears sitting on a wooden chest. The typical threatening banter occurs and he vanishes leaving behind the chest. It is not trapped or locked and turns out to be a magical chest of preserving. Inside are 3 heads 2 from the halfling druids who tried to rob the party along the river, and 1 that was a gnoll's. Numbers have been written on the heads which the party is able figure out is probably related to the casting of Speak with Dead. They chuck the heads but keep the cooler.

Breakfast with the Collector.JPG


Sid sneaks into the camp again, further this time and then reveals himself by blasting the biggest enemy he sees then running into the woods. He keeps casting attack spells, managing a few hits, and slows enough to keep a large group of hyenas and the ape-thing in pursuit but not within reach. Sid arrives at the ambush spot shortly before the enemies, though the ape-thing has since become invisible. It then comes crashing out of the brush right before a pack of hyenas including at least 1 large-sized one join the battle. Once the apebomination is dispatched Wolf focuses on charming the hyenas and succeeds with at least 1 giant hyena and 1 normal-sized one.

Sid Triggers some Mobs.JPG

Reverse Ambush.JPG

Checkpoint announced

Level-up upon meeting either the full Monstertown Council or the Volcanic Mountain. Leveling up will take 1 week of downtime in a safe location, but may be done concurrently with other downtime activities.


  • Wolf made some hyena friends
  • Chest of Preserving