Team Alfa Forty-Ninth Session

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The party finishes looting the gnoll camp only to be troubled/applauded by their greatest fan The Collector.

Rests and levels to 8!

Werewolf Ambush 2.jpg

Travelling through the wilderness come upon an old stone archway. Wolf feels that there is some faded writing on the stones and Gorra says it is from the Ubrekti era and that probably means magical stuff. Thola and Sid give it a good going over with detect magic and confirm that yep it's got some enchantment magic going on. Sid takes some time to use identify on it, but while he's in the process of preparing that fast moving shapes hem the party in on the north and south. Wolf rides a bit to the north to investigate when whoosh! werewolves rush in followed by their dire wolf pets.

Everyone is getting werewolves on their faces! Spruce gets poofed in one round of attacks. Sid attacks and dives for stealth, but is doggedly pursued. Wolf attacks and pushes back the one on him freeing him up to move back toward the party and his hyena friend, but that werewolf decides to go for Gorra instead of following Wolf. Gorra engages in some defensive maneuvering and tries out her new cantrip. Thola seeing a strategic opportunity unleashes a wall of fire on most of the canines and the hyena breaking it's charm.

Wolf moves down to try to get more agro off Sid. Fangs are flyin all over the place but shields are used all around to fend off the worst of it until one werewolf manages to get scratches and bite through Wolf's defenses. Sid successfully dumps his friends on Wolf and breaks for cover with some booming blades in place. Thola adopts an extremely effective bad doggos through the wall strategy knocking two werewolves through the wall of fire with eldritch blast knockback.

The rest are quickly dispatched and the hyena runs off into the wild singed and confused. Sid finishes identifying the archway while Wolf resummons Spruce for the second time today. Thola gets tired of waiting and just pops through the archway to no obvious effect. Identify reveals that the archway grants advantage on perception checks for one hour.

Concerned at the appearance of werewolves up here the party decides to follow their tracks and make sure there aren't more. They find and loot the werewolf campsite.

The rest of the return journey to monstertown goes smoothly and they and their good news about gnolls are heartily welcomed. They notice that town seems a bit short of coin.


The werewolves had assorted gems and trinkets as well as some potions (fire breath and hill giant strength).