Team Alfa Forty-Eighth Session

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24th Heavenfall 1516

Gnolls continue to rush forward into the attacking party who discuss trying to retreat as per the original plan. While Thola and Gorra begin falling back Wolf and Feyderick and occasionally Sid continue to attack in melee. The sheer number of gnolls from the 2nd and 3rd waves begin to surround the front of the party and eventually Spruce and Feyderick are chopped down under the gnoll assault and disappear from the material plane to await the next time they are summoned. Anne Phibian the giant toad unfortunately is also struck down protecting the spellcasters and dies a heroic death.

Measured Retreat.JPG

Hyena Pile.JPG

Thola conjures a wall of flame that reduces many gnolls to smoking corpses and creating a barrier the gnolls must go around while the party falls back in a short retreat to a clearing where they had left the Giant Hyena Wolf had previously charmed. Gorra climbs atop the giant hyena as the group prepare to retreat even further but before they can the remaining gnolls as well as a few maw demons quickly chase them down leading to the final showdown.

Flind Final Assault.JPG

Rather than attack at once the remaining gnolls begin circling around the party while the flind steps towards Wolf, apparently initiating a duel. The maw demons do not respect this slight ceasefire but are dispatched without much trouble


Wolf's arms and armor and blessed saves allow him to avoid the worst abilities of the flind's cursed flail and once the flind is injured some of the other gnolls stop respecting the sudden truce and begin attacking as well.

The watchers break.JPG

Whatever limited truce is broken and the rest of the gnolls and the party resume attacking. Wolf and the team's spells severely injure the flind and Sid runs in and stabs the flind in the back killing it. It drops to the ground and its evil flail disappears in a puff of smoke. The remaining gnolls then begin attacking each other and the party manage to wipe them out without suffering any further causalities.

They take a short rest while looting the corpses. By killing the flind they also level up (to be done at next long rest.)


  • 1 gray Bag of Tricks
  • 1 battleaxe (mundane?)
  • 1 Mace of Smiting
  • 1 bag of Marbles of Play - common(?) magic item, a small bag of marbles that when dumped out into a circle plays a game of marbles by itself or an opponent
  • 1 7th level scroll of Simulacrum
  • Gems
    • 2 amber
    • 5 amethyst
    • 3 coral
    • 1 garnet
    • 1 jade
    • 1 star sapphire
    • 2 spinel
    • 1 tourmaline
    • 1 very fancy eyepatch with a mock eye set in blue sapphire and moonstone
  • a lot of coins maybe?
  • 1 flind head they put in the magic cooler