Team Alfa Fortieth Session

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1st Period of Renewal

  • Gorra is knocked unconscious again by the Flesh Gnawer who then moves in to attack Sid. The gnoll archers continue to be mostly ineffective while Gorra is healed, Wolf and Thola's summon fight and the Gnoll Leader. Once the gnawer and the leader are killed the rest die or run quickly thereafter.
    • collect gnoll ears and search corpses then take a short rest and identify potions.
    • Meet odd dwarf crudely skinning gnoll corpses who wants to become a warlock. nasty little dude. he expounds at great lengths about all the terrible things he will do once he succeeds in his pact. Since he hasn't *actually* done anything horrible yet, the party leaves him to his macabre quest.
  • Travel on, 3 days later a Water Leaper ambush along. much frighten. RIP Anne Phibian.
  • Next day a severe thunderstorm led to sheltering in the magic hut all day.
  • ? days later meet another patrol. exchanged pleasantries and warnings.
  • ? days later made it to Monster Town! every pays the entry fees and levels up
    • Wolf - Dread Helmet (a lowball bid, but they take it with a successful persuasion check)
    • Sid - Red Caller's Dagger
    • Thola - Wand of Lullabies
    • Gorra - 2 Ingots of Pure Mithril


  • some gems and coins and at least 1 odd trinket
  • potion of fire breath
  • potion of healing
  • glaive