Team Alfa Fifty-Ninth Session

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Return victorious to debrief with the Hobbo Commander

220821 log chat 01.png

meet with the council, hailed as heroes

next day!

  1. Divination - monstertown is here in a week. yay
  2. Sending to halflings - bail out, they're coming. also saved town? (reply: nah, town fucked)
  3. Investigate the explosion

We go searching for the site of the explosion and locate it. Large crater, nothing useful around. Great amount of melted glass, brass, bronze, and iron litter the area.

also chemical burning, as per the explosion in the camp head back to town, pickup 300lb of high explosive on the way. stashed underground by Gruul the great.

Decide to go talk to the Sorcerer Queen. sending;

Greetings, mighty queen. We strive to save monstertown, of which your folk are key. Please, may we meet and discuss resolving the recent rift?

>Monstertown as it is cannot be saved. I am willing to talk for my people's sake. You are powerful and devious -- how do I know this is not a scheme?

Our intentions are peaceable, but we understand your hesitance. Propose arrangement for meeting that assures you. Monstertown is agitated, time is against us >Come to Undegate Hollow outside of town in thirty minutes. You will meet my representatives there. Follow them. Any aggressive action will be met harshly

We meet at an agreed place, are shrunk to small, and taken to a meeting place


300lb of high explosive. Stashed by Gruul somewhere