Team Alfa Fifteenth Session

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  • Cold weather leads to everyone having to shell out for cold weather furs.
  • The group go to the Fire & Gemstone Saloon and met Mal, Johnny, and Dan. Mal offers the group 500 gp to convince Alda to sell her mining claim to him for 5000 gp. Everybody other than Wolf leaves in a drunken state
  • Met Alda and Reth for tea to discuss her late husband's land claim and Mal's offer to purchase it. She and Reth offer 100 gp to check the claim's viability.
  • Wolf meets with Doctor Redrock and Sly Tycoon. The doctor offers money for reagents and herb gathering and Sly wants to buy wild exotic beasts that can be tamed.
  • Party takes a rest and heads out the next day. Shortly after approaching Alda's claim bugbear foot prints are located. The trail is easy to follow and finds a small camp of a few tents and fires with several bugbears. They manage to sneak up successfully and attack. Despite taking severe damage no one is knocked out and they manage to kill all the bugbears.

Experience & Loot

Experience (each)

  • 100xp - Meeting the Gemstone Crew
  • 50xp - Getting Acquainted with the Doc
  • 600xp - Bugbear camp. 12 Bugbears, 1 Bugbear Boss