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Plot hook ideas for other class paths

  • Wolf goes back to visit his followers of the green peeps, surprise they have new patronage from a strange fae lady, she wants to give Wolf a cool sword, this is weird. Are they corrupted or is this cool?
  • Wolf meets fae person in dreams that one time he finally gets drunk
  • For some reason or other Wolf receives some divine investment, it's scary probably. Maybe it's controlling or has a clear agenda.
  • Spruce convinces Wolf that fey are sweet

Level plans

  • 9: Paladin 6
  • 10: Bard 4 (The feat earlier would be nice, but this picks up 2 4th level bard spells so...)

Paladin 6

  • +1 spell prep
  • Aura of protection
  • +1 3rd spell slot

Bard 4: some cool feat

  • Learn 1 spell, swap one spell (max 4th)
    • Considerations: Dimension Door, Freedom of Movement, Greater Invisibility (c), Locate Creature
  • Find Greater Steed (upgrade spruce to a pegasus)
  • other notable 4th pally spells: Death Ward

Paladin 7

  • Aura of warding

Paladin 8

  • ABI or feat
  • +1 spell prep

Warlock 1

  • Patron: Archfey

Warlock 2

Warlock 3

4th lvl spells (find greater steed)
Lots of bard cut in options, want to stack up 8 levels of pally and 3 to 4 of bard all told.
Warlock for 3 levels at some point seems cool also.

Warlock notes: Archfey, pact of the chain (OR.. Fathomless and Genie could work)

  • Spells of interest: mind sliver, EB, hex (c), exp retreat (c), cause fear (c) (for non conc things, hellish rebuke)
  • Invocations of interest: eldritch mind, gift of the ever living ones, beast speech, investment of the chain master

Feats for Consideration

  • Sentinel - AOO/reaction stuff
  • Savage Attacker - 1/turn 1 attack, reroll weap dmg dice
  • Mounted Combatant - adv vs smaller unmounted, mount protection stuff - Is really really good for fighting mounted...

  • Resiliant - +abi and saving throw prof
  • Skill expert - +1 abi gain prof and expertise
  • Athlete - +1 str and cool stuff

  • Chef - cool bonuses, wolf likes food I guess, con or wisdom point
  • Eldritch Adept - get a warlock invocation (adv on conc saves, 120ft dark vision, speak with animals at will)
  • Fighting Initiate - get a fighting style
  • Shield Master - shield attack and shield to dex - bonus action shove and half dmg -> 0 if succeed on dex save (downside, dex save not so great)
  • Heavy Armor Master - +str and DR3 - most of the blokes with normal weapons seem to have a pretty hard time hitting already