Proving Hunt

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On or about their 100th birthday (or Century Day) hunter caste sidhe make their Proving Hunt. This is generally the first solo hunt the young hunter will go on, and they are expected to stay out for several days or weeks, providing their own food, water, shelter, and other needs. Some clans even require hunters on their Proving Hunt to craft their own weapons. The hunter is also expected to return with a great trophy - antlers, tusks, pelt, head, etc. Occasionally, a hunter will bring back a live, trapped creature if they are particularly rare or prized.

If a hunter returns empty-handed from their Proving Hunt, they will sometimes stay with their clan as a lower status member (cook, laborer, healer, etc), often called a "campling". More often, they leave the clan to try and find a home with an outcast clan or other marginalized group or leave Sidhe-Praxen altogether.