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An extinct nation. Once a collection of independent city-states that sprung up after the Sidhe Retreat, it was forged into a great nation-state by Alexandria after her assumption of the Omnity. Although a great power for almost a thousand years after Alexandria's martyrdom, much of its success came from clear-cutting and overuse of the old Elven forests. It fell into rapid decline as the Great Sidhe Desert began to spread from the Alexian heartland and central government control collapsed. The urban centers which have survived, mostly along the coast or along major river systems, are ancient city states from the Pre-Alexandrian era who have enough base of resources surrounding them to create a functional society and economy.

Most of the city-states, with the notable exception of Nia-Agliare and one or two of the more powerful pirate havens, have converted back to their ancient electoral oligarchy. The major difference between these polities is which group of Oligarchs have the say and the name they give to their leader. In Crestence, for example, the landowners and gentry nobility pick one among their numbers, while Estrabule is basically a Merchant Republic City-State.