Kiiara Kiianatha

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Level 1 Elven fighter, Chaotic Good

Background: Hermit

The Kiianatha clan have been known for centuries as some of the best hunters on Sidhe-Praxen. Youngling Yellowleaf appeared to be another "branch off the old tree" growing up, as her skill with the bow and her innate understanding of the forest were talked about in the same breath as those of Kiiana the Green, ancient progenitor of the Kiianatha clan. On her Century Day, she proudly took the name Kiiara, in homage to her great ancestor, and set off on her Proving Hunt, from which she would be expected to return with a great trophy to gain acceptance as an adult of the clan.

The initial days of the Hunt went well, and she soon caught the spoor of a great elk, whose antlers would make a fine addition to the clanhouse. She tracked the beast for several days, and early in the morning of the 12th day of her hunt, she knew the time was right for the taking. The animal was in a clearing, backlit by the rising sun, downwind enough that he had no chance of catching Kiiara's already disguised scent. She said her Words, and scratched the back of her hand with her mother's arrow, so that her blood would be joined to the first blood she took from the elk. She was ready. Held her breath, drew her bow, and then, out of the brush came a large female elk and two white calves. They joined the mighty bull in grazing, and Kiiara could not loose her arrow. She watched them for what seemed like hours. The white calves practically glowed in the sunlight, and Kiiara knew it was an omen. She could not take this elk, nor could she take any other. She stayed in the forest for weeks, surviving on berries and insects, wasting away to almost nothing. When she finally came out, the clan rushed to her, but seeing the scars on her hand, the lack of trophy in her pack, and her weakened state, they knew what had happened. Kiiara had gone soft. She would not be able to kill, and would never live up to her birthright.

She stayed with the clan at first, tending fires and caring for younglings with the elders, but no one would speak to her or meet her gaze. After a time, she knew she could not live her life like this, and she would have to leave the island. She saved up what coppers she could, and bought passage to the mainland on a trader's ship. She scratched out a meager existence in the coastal towns and villages of Odessa for several months, until a fateful event changed her life. Gathering redberries in the woods, she came across a mercenary standing over a wounded elk calf. She watched him, waiting for him to perform the Mercy and end the creature's suffering. Instead he just poked the calf a bit with his spear. He looked around to see if any of his friends were around and knelt, drawing his knife and reaching for the elk's tiny antlers. He was going to cut them off while the poor thing still lived! Instinctively, Kiiara drew two arrows from her dusty quiver and released them in quick succession, one into the heart of the wounded calf, the other into the mercenary's neck. As blood spilled over his grasping hands, Kiiara emerged from the underbrush to bury a third arrow between his eyes, burying it almost to the fletching. As she stood over the dead elk and human, she realized that the pain she felt watching the animal suffer had overpowered whatever instinct prevented her from killing before, and she was no longer soft, was finally a true Hunter. Even so, she knew she would never be allowed back on Sidhe-Praxen.

Just then more mercenaries emerged from the wood to see what caused a shout from their compatriot. Initially scared they would kill her in retribution, instead the mercenaries were impressed with her skill. She told them she was a human named Kira, and under her hood and woolen cap, with her muddy clothes and tanned skin, they did not suspect her ruse. The mercenaries welcomed her into their band, though she knew she would have to keep her ancestry a secret. After several years of life with the Toppled Crown Company, she rose quickly within the crew, with a company of her own and responsibility for training new scouts. She fought bravely and well in several skirmishes, even earning a few notches on her longbow.

Her life would change once again during a job near Handlestadt. Her commanding officer, a human named Lazaro Labrador, was leading a small battalion into a nearby village to quell a minor rebellion. When they arrived, Kiiara was aghast to see that the "rebels" were more like starving refugees, no real threat to anyone. Nevertheless, her squad was ordered to take command of the town square, and eliminate any resistance. She knew she could not, and refused a direct order from Labrador. He ordered her own squad to arrest her, and in the confusion and struggle, Kiiara killed several of her companymates, and badly injured Lazaro. To make matters worse, the cap and headband she usually wore to hide her distinctive ears was torn from her head, and her Sidhe heritage was plain for all to see.

She ran, again. Back to the woods, where she lives a much better life now that the ability to hunt has been returned to her. She has been on the run for almost 20 years, and while she generally shuns civilization and crowds, her training has allowed her to infiltrate some military outposts on the mainland, and she has learned some troubling information that she has thus far kept to herself, while always looking over her shoulder for Lazaro Labrador and the Toppled Crown. She joins the party in search of both the acceptance and comradeship she has been missing during her seclusion, but also for the best way to bring her discoveries to light.


I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer.


Doing what is good is more important than doing what is allowed.


I entered seclusion to hide from the ones who might still be hunting me. I must someday confront them.


I am desperate for companionship and acceptance.


Skills & Abilities


Ability: INT, Spell Save DC: 11, Spell Attack Bonus: +3


  • True Strike



  • Leather armor
  • Wooden shield


Melee Weapons

  • Shortsword

Ranged Weapons

  • Longbow
  • Handaxe x2

Inventory of items

  • Explorer's Pack
  • Herbalism Kit
  • Scroll case of notes
  • Winter blanket
  • Common clothes


  • 20 Arrows
  • 5 gp