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Country/Region Odessa
Size Very Large City: 200,000+
Demographics Humans mostly but with sizable boat and road halfling communities
Government ?
Economy Large markets, some magic items and magic scrolls available

The capital of Odessa, and the residence of the crown. The heart of Cebridon is a normal-sized city, but Cebridon has come to be considered the sum of its surrounding habitations, as the geographic lines between them have been blurred by the increasing population. As a quirk of the Odessan representative system, despite being effectively one city, Cebridon still retains individual peerage for each sub-city, a prime example of the influence of pocket peers on Odessan politics. Depending on context, "Cebridon" could refer to the boroughs that once was Cebridon proper, or the greater Cebridon area that encompasses the old city and the surrounding urban areas.

Sub-Cities within the Cebridon Metropolitan Area

  • Cebridon (Old City)
  • Farrandon
  • Mellecath
  • Sharpersville
  • Tillough-by-Satthus
  • Orners