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{{statsbox|Wint.png|2|Human|Aberrant Mind Sorcerer 1/Hexblade Warlock 1|scale armor|spell and shield|Omatachi Village}}
{{statsbox|Wint.png|2|Halfling|Rogue 2|leather armor|Omatachi Village}}

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Character Stats
Level 2
Race Halfling
Class Rogue 2
Armor leather armor
Weapon(s) Omatachi Village
Hometown {{{7}}}


A young adult looking halfling of some 25 years, Arku stands 3ft 2in tall and weighs a healthy if lean 42 lbs.


Spends his adult life travelling between the various tribes in the Omatachi Valley, obstesibly facilitating trade, but generally to gamble at each stop with the locals before he decides to pick up his proverbial chips and move on.

Early Life

Current Life

Recently settled in the Omatachi village for longer than normal where he seems to be in cozy with the lead hunter/war leader Okanu. Okanu employs Arku for all manner of duties assisting with minor policing or other administrative tasks.


Keeping Okanu alive for . .reasons.

Arku's Character Sheet